24th August 2008

Primary 5 students had been chosen to represent the school to watched the first ever Pesta Sukan for the Primary school this year. The day started with the teachers and students get together for the event at school. 6 buses were provided for the occassion and around 1.15 we arrived at the Stadium. The event started with the song of the National Anthem and various competition follows after that. The students were seen enjoying themselves in cheering their friends that took part in the events. In the end of the day, Brunei III had managed to get the most gold medal for the events. One of the girl from our school, NorBaizura had been chosen to be the “Olahragawati” for the event. Congratulations to her and also to all students who had been participating and managed to get medals for the event. Salute to the teachers who had been training them very hard for the events.


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