Majlis Tahlil conducted by Guru-Guru Besar and officers from MOE

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It was a week ago from today that our late Guru Besar , Cikgu Hjh Simah Bte Hj Jumat passed away. The school held Majlis Tahlil everyday in the morning to commemorate her. Officers and even the Permanent Secretary for MOE had joined us for the tahlil that we did early in the morning. We were truly grateful to have such a  caring community as we all missed our late GB. We held talks between Permanent Secretary for MOE and the teachers as she shared her experiences with our late GB and how she reminisced her passion and caring for work,families and friends.It was truly an emotional talk that moved the teachers and officers presence.

Today,  Guru – Guru Besar together with Education officers from MOE held Majlis Tahlil for our late GB , Cikgu Hjh Simah Bte Hj Jumat today at the school’s hall. The event started with the recital of Surah Yasin and followed by Tahlil. There was also “derma” for her family members handout by the Guest of honour, cikgu Hj Ramli , PTKK from MOE . The school was thankful for the officers from the MOE and Guru-guru besar that relentlessly shows their caring and loss for our late Guru Besar.


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