SRKMM Prize Ceremony for the Excel Students

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Kampong Mata-Mata Primary School held a prize presentation for top students recently.

The guest of honour was Hj Zakaria bin Hj Duraman, Acting Senior Education Officer Brunei III. Also present was Jais bin Ingir, principal of the school as chairman of the event.

The event began with a recital of the surah al-fatihah followed by a speech from the principal. He congratulated the high achievers and expressed his gratitude to the teachers and parents for their encouragement and support.

Students from kindergarten to Year 6 were awarded prizes for their academic excellence. Awards were also given for participation in extra curricular activities such as scouts and girl guides.

The awardees were chosen based on certain criteria such as diligence, capabilities in learning, school attendance, participation in school activities as well as abiding by the rules and regulations of the school and its teachers. The students received certificates of appreciation and prizes for their efforts. It served to motivate all the students to strive towards excellence in their studies and extra curricular activities.

The event also included a stage performance by the students as well as a choir presentation. Also in attendance were parents and school teachers.

Adapted from Borneo Bulletin  :


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