SLP Activity – Mathematics Booth Camps

A part of our 2nd SLP Project this year, our SLP team handling the activities had set up a day known as Mathematics Booths Camps that caters all levels from Preschools to Year 6.Surrounding our objective this year , that is to increase  20% in their mathematical word problems results based from the pretest and post test given later in July. Multiple activities were carried out from preschool to level 6 such as bowling word problems, dart number line, math trails, cut and paste grocery items, sing me a song, measurement hands on and so on.  2 tents were provided for these activities and students were enjoying whilst learning through the activities. It is our hope that this will help the students in their post test which will be carried out in July.

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For more pictures and informations, you may visit our main post at our Official SLP Project 2011

Here is the Edited video for the day :

Edited and Videographed by :

Hj KairulAzhar Hj Rosli

Captured using :

Canon 600D and Glidecam 2000 Pro


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