SRKMM joined the digital transition through Sharepoint Workspaces

To enhance the management of files, documents, photos and the workflow in our school. SR Kg Mata-Mata, with the focal person, Hj KairulAzhar Hj Rosli, Senior Administration Teacher set up Sharepoint Workspaces for the school. Currently at 7 terminals , namely for the headmaster, assistant headmaster, Senior Academic Teacher, Senior Administration Teacher, ICT Lab , Library and Staffroom. It help to ensure efficient and faster response time. How sharepoint work is that , member can create workspaces according to their need, in our case the current workspaces are :

  • Administration workspaces
  • SRKMM workspaces
  • Digital Photo Collection 2011 workspaces
  • PSR Past Year Questions workspaces
  • Staff Development workspaces

For the administration workspaces, it is a place for administration personnel to share informations that can only be accessed by approved members and it is restricted to other members. Documents such as word,excel,powerpoint etc can be easily drag and drop to the workspaces. Events and meetings can also be scheduled using the calendar function. For SRKMM, it is workspaces for the teachers, where we share documents for faster accessed by the teachers and admin personnel. We also created digital forms using Microsoft Infopath example Tugas dan Tanggungjawab for the teachers, so teachers can fill in using drop down boxes, fill in the blanks etc and this is stored digitally for faster access for the admin personnel.As for the digital photo collections, it act as digital album as we want to keep store the pictures as our database for future uses or references so we dont have to look for Cd’s or find the person who are in charge or browsing each page of the blog just to find a specific pictures/events. The PSR collections is a joint initiative with the school library and the Subject clubs. The past year paper are scan individually and put in the workspace as album so teachers in the staffroom can easily copy and crop into their word document for printing. This takes time thus it is a long time project, but once it is done, we have the database for years to come and use it.Staff development workspace is for online storage and references , everytime any presenter is presenting for the staff development, they are asks to put all the powerpoint, docs and references to the staff development workspace so teachers that are interested can just copy to their drive or email from the workspace. We do have few more workspaces in mind, and it will keep on growing in accordance to needs. Currently, based from the feedback of the administration personnel and teachers, Sharepoint workspace do help to ensure faster communication amongst the school community and build up the database for the teachers.

As a brief overview for the Sharepoint Workspace :

  • It is fast , as it only uses LAN or Wireless connection so it does not rely on internet access thus the speed.
  • It help to catalogue the documents into folder and faster access
  • It helps to enhance sharing amongst school members as it is instantly synchronised so if for example headmaster wants a document from senior admin, he can send to workspace and instantly the headmaster can access, edit and give back to senior admin. Notified through instant message, it makes the whole process much faster and easier.
  • It act as a backup for the files and documents, as for example a teacher share a document, that document is instantly synchronised to the 7 terminals and thus it actually makes 7 backup of the document.
  • It act as digital archives, this is crucial for future references, most common problem would be the files if needed in the future, it is in person A and that person left school long time ago or the file is misplaced, formatted etc. Thus it is vital to keep digital archives for future references of the school.

As a conclusion, Microsoft Sharepoint Workspace had initiated the ground for us to make the digital transition to enhanced our workflow within our school. It is hoped that in due time, the teachers and school community will be accustomed and incorporate the sharepoint as a digital lifestyle in our daily work. Videos on how to use and its capabilities will be uploaded in the near future so please be sure to check the blog regularly.

Here are the video tutorials, created by Hj KairulAzhar for the e-hijrah presentation :

Tutorial on how to create workspaces in sharepoint

Tutorial on drag and drop ability in sharepoint

Tutorial on discussion ability in sharepoint

Tutorial on creating digital form in sharepoint

Tutorial on adding event in a calendar in sharepoint


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