SRKMM holds Prize Presentation Ceremony

23rd November 2011 – SR KG Mata-Mata, Gadong held a Prize ceremony for the best students that excel in each level  and in the PSR examinations. This year we managed to get 1 student with 5 “A’s and 4 students with 4 ‘A’ s and 1 B with overall increase of 5% from the previous year. Our guest of honour , PPKD Brunei III, Hj Zakaria Bin Hj Duraman was feasted with multiple shows such as singing , dramatisation and many more. One of the highlight was also the prize ceremony for our project “Dynamic Class Competition” which were judged in 3 phases. Apart from the school prizes ,we are also fortunate to receive sponsored gifts from QQestore for the Main Prize winners in our project.

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  1. mankmm
    Dec 19, 2011 @ 14:55:38

    Semoga SR Kg Mata-Mata,Brunei III akan mendapat kejayaan di tahun 2012, kejayaan sekolah adalah atas usaha guru-guru yang didikasi,dan hasil usaha para ibubapa yang inginkan anak-anak mereka mendapat kejayaan yang lebih cemerlang. Tahniah kepada semua warga sekolah diatas komitmen yang telah diberikan. Saya berdoa semoga kejayaan yang diperolehi disambut dengan doa kesyukuran kepada Ilahi.

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