Our best practices being shared in ICE 2012

Both our best practices, Microsoft Sharepoint workspaces and Edmodo had been shared in the International Conference of Education ( ICE ) in University of Brunei Darussalam by our senior administration teacher, Hj Kairulazhar Hj Rosli.Below is the excerpt from RTB news :

” The 17th International Conference on Education, ICE 2012, is hoped to enable participants to collectively advance the field of teaching and learning to benefit students, educators and society. On the 2nd day of the conference, several invaluable ideas and lessons that serve as evidence to possibilities of teaching and learning were shared during the presentation of working papers.  

The first paper was present by Mr. Prakash Nair from the United States focused on the Monies already spent today on school facilities which can directly and positively impact the educational bottom line and dramatically improve student achievement.
He stressed that capital spending should be seen not just as a way to rebuild existing schools, but rather as a catalyst to reinvent education so that students are better prepared for life and careers in the 21st Century. Another paper by Dr. Micheal Mc Vey also from the United States, touched on the wide usage of computer technology in schools throughout the world.

One of the two papers tabled in the afternoon came from Awang Haji Kairulazhar bin Haji Rosli  from Kampong Mata-Mata Primary School. He touched on the effectiveness of using digital learning environment which was introduced at his school last year. It enables students to do group work and share documents and information through  computers.

Meanwhile, ICT and Science Educator of Puni Primary School, Temburong, Abdul Walid bin Misli presented his paper ” Strengthening English Language through Real Life Communications with Aid of Digital Technologies.” He said, a study showed that children`s skills develop by using information technology. “

You can visit RTB newspage for news and video about the event.


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