3rd SLP Team Meet Up

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Bit overdue to unforeseen events and activities, the SLP Team members comprise of all teachers had a team meet up session to discuss and delegate responsibilities to team members. Facilitated by Cikgu Hj Kairulazhar, the session started with overview of the previous 1st and 2nd SLP Project and the journeyline within the projects. It then follow up by describing the new projects , objectives, target audiences and possible problems to be faced. Followed by an activity as members from each group post ideas individuall on a post it and paste to their group’s objective. They then asks to choose 3 ideas only that they really like and wanted to implement. It then followed by Cikgu Hj Kairul explaining about TPOV, GRPI and how the elements are needed to make the 3rd SLP project a success. After that , team members are inform about the new blog site for the project : srmm3.wordpress.com and a new sharepoint workspace dedicated for this project. Session ended by asking each members to give one word to express their feeling towards the project and some of the words are : wow, splendid, awesome, student, challenging, weee  and so much more. Follow our progress on the project at our new blog for that project 😉


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