Staff Development – Introduction of Evernote and Breakdown of our 3rd SLP

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Today managed by Cikgu Hj Kairulazhar from SR Kg Mata-Mata , delivered a staff development session on the introduction of Evernote to the teachers. He showcase on the benefits and reasons on why we migrated from Sharepoint to Evernote. After showing on the various ways to access Evernote, he showcase on how to share and upload files. Then showing on how to use Kustomnote together with evernote to create a paperless system. He then shows on how to use skitch and evernote webclipper to use in the lesson and sharing with other teachers. The introduction seems a success as teachers are keen on using it and some are already sharing. It is hope that the use of Evernote will become a culture here in SRKMM and to promote a paperless system.

For 2nds session also led by Cikgu Hj Kairulazhar, project manager for our 3rd SLP Project. He breakdown the teachers into groups based on the RASI matrix and delivered questionnaire asking various questions to check on where the teachers are now in their project work. Our 3rd SLP project is now focusing on reading and our main event will be a reading carnival expected to be done in late November.


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