Outreach Program

Outreach Program is a program initiated to enhance the relationships between school and the communities. Various steps are needed to implement the program and continuous efforts are needed to make sure it can achieve the objectives. Our objectives are :

  • Share Teaching Methodology
  • Foster closer relationship amongst teachers, parents and students
  • Share perspectives on ways to improve the teaching environment for the students
  • Instill sense of community amongst members

One of the star highlight in our program is the involvement of 2 parents ( mothers ) in our school . They volunteer to assist the preschool teachers in their daily routine in attending the preschoolers. They also assist  the teachers in tidying up the class, doing groupwork, joining in school’s activities etc . Their involvements symbolizes the holistic rationale of our Outreach Program.

Download our brochure ( Click on the picture, save as image ) :

Front Cover

Inside page
design by : Hj Kairulazhar using photoshop

Activities under our Outreach Programme :

18th November 2011 – PIBG Meeting for upcoming “Sukan Ria” 2011
26th November 2011 – Sukan Ria @ SRKMM
20th February 2012  – Motivational Talk with parents Year 6 Students
5th April 2012 – Phonetic workshop for parents
26th April 2012 – Early Childhood Preschoolers Global Education Day


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